Monday, February 27, 2017

Restarting (February 19th - February 27th)

This last week I mostly spent recovering from the previous weekend. I do not think I wrote about it in my last blog post so I will explain a little more in detail here.

Last Sunday and Monday I suffered from really bad anxiety and panic attacks, which left me struggling to breathe and affected my psyche for the rest of the week. Today I am finally catching up on homework and have left my dorm room to study all day in the JFSB (my favorite building on campus.) 

The only thing I did last week worth mentioning is that I applied to work at The Wall, which is a restaurant here at BYU. My hope is that having another type of task to do other than schoolwork will help me mentally and emotionally. (Oh, and having a job will help me financially too. Duh.) When I went there for my interview my potential boss seemed eager to hire me, and overall I think everything went really well. I hear back from him tomorrow as to whether I get the job or not! I really hope I do. The atmosphere is really fun and relaxed, and I get 50% off all the food there. (Insert happy dance.)

It is snowing really hard outside right now... People out here think it's a blizzard but it's not. I keep having to tell everyone that a blizzard is when you can't even see your hand in front of your face. I've only experienced that once, and I was less than 10 years old and lived in Minnesota. People out here are so funny. I'm just glad I have an umbrella to keep the snow off me since I have to walk everywhere.


Samuel and I did this to some of Emma's pictures during visiting hours last Sunday (I provided the red lipstick, Samuel did the artwork). Emma was upset and posted on Instagram about it. She made us clean it off with a Clorox wipe yesterday haha.

I miss her too. :(

I was browsing on Amazon this week and found this book. Emma always calls herself "an egg," so I sent this to her and she screamed. Never a dull moment.

I did really well on my midterms so I decided to treat myself - I am SO excited for this baseball cap to get here!