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Yes I am Alive (December 11th - February 11th)

Hi everyone! I am so sorry that I haven't done my blog in 2 months! Life has been crazy and I have been having a rough time with some things. There is honestly too much to cover in a written blog post, so I am just doing a really long random photo gallery. I'm going to be more on top of things from now on...


I found this picture during finals week haha... It really accurately describes how I felt that week. I got barely any sleep and didn't do so well on any of my finals, but I still got through it.

This picture of Emma was taken while we were studying for American Heritage... we were delirious and sleep deprived.

This is a picture of me in my nightgown next to Karinne and my mini Christmas tree... I had really bad insomnia and couldn't fall asleep until 6:30 in the morning. Pretty sure this picture was taken at 4:00 AM lol.

I moved rooms at the end of the semester - this is what my old room looked like in the process of moving. It took all night! Eight girls in my hall had to check in and out of rooms that night and my RA was going insane...  


When I got home to Michigan this is what it looked like - it was beautiful and stayed until the day after Christmas. It was perfect. :)

Lillian and I had a ton of fun watching goofy TV shows every night on her big comfy queen bed. I slept with her a lot - I miss her.

Maggie fell asleep like this on Lily's leg. We laughed so hard!!

It was really nice to have Maggie Mae back. I slept with her about five of the nights that I was home. She is my favorite and made me feel happy when I was sad. She is so cuddly.

This is what our living room looks like at Christmas time. It was so cozy and happy. I loved it. I felt like I was in a palace after living in a dorm for 4 months!

Eliza sent this picture to our family group chat... we joked that she looked like Mary after her long journey to Bethlehem. I'm still really confused why she took this picture, but it is a classic and makes me laugh whenever I look at it. :)

This was a t-shirt that Eliza gave to Lillian for Christmas. She was so proud of it and Lily wore it for three days straight. My sisters are special. 

The back of said t-shirt.

I really don't miss sharing a tube of toothpaste with my sisters...

On Christmas Eve my mom gave us pillows with Maggie's face printed on them. They are super cute... just a tad obnoxious but that's our family. 

One night Maggie fell asleep on my leg in my bed. It was the sweetest thing ever. I miss her so much!

We got Maggie a coat for Christmas because it was too cold outside for her to go to the bathroom. She would come inside and shiver for hours... However, she literally hated this coat, as you can see from the expression on her face lol.

On Christmas Day I was supposed to drive separately to my Great Uncle's house for Christmas dinner. My parents and sisters left before me in the SUV, but somehow managed to take every single car key that we own with them. I know. Shocking. I had to wait for my mom to come pick me up.

I used my Christmas money to buy a bunch of suitcases for myself. Nothing fancy, but I figured that was important. Maggie saw them and thought I was leaving again and literally wouldn't move. Not even when I tried to take a picture. She was crying and I had to hold her for a while afterwards haha...

We took family pictures over break. They weren't as good as last year's, but still nice.

Me, Lily, and Eliza

We went to Madison, WI where my mom's parents live for New Year's weekend. On New Year's Eve, all of the girls went to get our nails done. I'm not a big fan of nail polish so I just got a super neutral shade. 

Me and Grandma Loraine. :)

New Year's Eve we drank sparkling grape juice. No one else stayed up until midnight though. I stayed up alone in my room until 4:30 when I finally fell asleep. (I was still having issues with insomnia.)

When we got home, Lily and I finished our junk food. Mom took this picture of us and caught us off guard as you can tell from our faces. Maggie took advantage of the moment lol. 

Lily and I took some fun pictures before I left for the airport. It was so hard to say goodbye.

Taken moments after I finished moving into my new room with Emma.

I did not miss sharing showers with 40 other girls. 

I FaceTimed my parents after the first couple days of school. They are literally crazy. They're the best though. :) I miss them.

I had a rough weekend after the first week of school. These post-it notes were Emma's way of being a super supportive roommate. Love her. <3

I felt sick and had finally gotten up at about 4 PM when Emma took this pic. Super creepy. 

Emma and I have foam hearts on our door and were trying to practice writing our names out in a cute font. As you can see, we have no artistic abilities whatsoever.

Emma and Rachel and I all made joke dating profiles on this Mormon dating app. I discovered that I am the pickiest girl in the world. I didn't like any of the guy that I saw and thus "ran out of people." Whoops.

Emma and I like to go out to lunch after our psychology class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  This is a picture of me at the Blue Line Deli in the Tanner Building.

L to R: Rachel, Me, Emma and Sarah. We went to the gym and then to the sauna afterwards. We walked home like this - high ponytails, robes, and sneakers with nothing but our unmentionables underneath haha.

I have been having a really hard time staying awake in church lately... 

Emma was ecstatic when she found this icicle... She was even more excited when she discovered it could let her become a unicorn.

I am Toad.

Our first official roommate picture! Thanks for the Polaroid camera Mom. :)

Rachel and Emma and I took this picture a week ago... It was super nice outside! We call ourselves the breakfast club because we joke that Rachel looks like a potato, Emma looks like an egg, and I look like a bean.

My bed in my new dorm room.

My desk

Emma and I have a shelf with all of our food on it... also our mug collection and photos and notes pinned to the Christmas lights above it.

Samuel and I went on a date to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing a bunch of Rogers and Hammerstein songs. It was really fun! It was my first time being in the conference center at temple square. We got slurpees and snacks from Maverik (a convenience store/gas station) for dinner. We missed our train though so we sat at the train station for two hours with nothing to do. 

Another post coming next week! Love you all!

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