Monday, December 12, 2016

Finals are Stupid (November 27th - December 10th)

I am so excited to go home! I miss Michigan so much. I am SO happy that I only have five more days until I fly back! I miss everything about home and I miss my sisters and my parents and my DOG. Holy crap I miss my dog. She's my baby. I know that sounds so silly but honestly, I haven't let myself think about her too much since I left home because it makes me sad.

A lot has happened since I wrote last... Next semester, I will be rooming with Emma, which will be super fun. Karinne has been an awesome roommate, and I'm so glad we got the experience of rooming together this semester. It will be good for me to learn to live with another person, too. Mostly, though, I'm just excited to room with Emma because if we didn't room together this semester, we would probably never get the chance to because both of us plan on serving missions.

Two weeks ago from today on Monday, we had our first snow here in Provo. It was super pretty and very cold, but it was so fun! Samuel and Drake and I took a picture with a snowman outside the Joseph Smith Building. I wish the snow had stuck, I miss the white.

On the Saturday before last, our ward went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City to see the Christmas lights. I've never been to temple square before, so it was really interesting, and very pretty! I got a few funny pictures that I will include in the random photo gallery.

This most recent Thursday, I went to the Yule Ball (basically just a winter semiformal dance) with my friend Roger. It was an interesting experience. His goal was to embarrass me (apparently), but he failed. However, he was a very entertaining date haha... Sorry that I didn't get any pictures, my phone died right before the dance and the girl who took the group pictures hasn't gotten them to me yet.

Finals are so stressful. It's like they're this huge hurdle I have to run up to and jump over but the hardest part is running up to it. In other words, in case you didn't understand that completely failed analogy, studying seems impossible, because I have had such a hard time making it to class the past few months. I will get through it though I guess. I really hope my GPA stays high enough for my scholarships and loans to stay through next semester.

I feel like my blog posts aren't as entertaining as they used to be. I'm sorry. I haven't been having the easiest past couple months, but hopefully the upcoming three-week-long Christmas break will help, and next semester my posts will be better.


Karinne and I bought some Martinelli's sparkling cider for fun one night, and I didn't have a bottle opener so we used my hammer haha... Thanks for giving me a hammer Mom and Dad! This is literally the only purpose it has served all semester hahahaha

For Karinne's final project, she has to create something (and I can't remember what) but it required a mammal bone. A few weeks ago I walked in on this scene haha, it was hilarious. We captioned this picture, "Karinne's nightly routine - washing pig femurs."

I found my headquarters at Temple Square! Samuel made me take this picture. Hmph.

Samuel also made me take this picture in front of the temple. As you can see I was very excited about it. Also, don't mind the no smoking sign behind me. 

Next week will be about finals and my trip home!!!

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