Sunday, September 18, 2016

I Promise I'm not Falling to Pieces (September 11th - September 17th)

This week was very, very different from any other week I can remember. It's really starting to sink in that I'm at college, and that this is much different from high school.

Our first FHE was on Monday, which was fun, but kind of stressful for me because I had just gotten back from the gym and was a bit late. (To all of those who know how late I was to everything in high school, this was actually the first thing that I have been late to here at BYU!) It was pretty fun, we played a game called smurf. Basically you just have to come up with a verb, and send someone out while you think of it. When they come back, they have to ask the group questions like, "can you smurf in the kitchen?" Our verb was brushing your teeth, and one of the questions was, "do you invite your friends over to surf?" Later that night, Karinne and I took a picture of ourselves "smurfing" and sent it out on our FHE group chat. No one responded... (Karinne and I have accepted and fully,  joyfully embrace the fact that we are hopeless dorks.)

My first biology midterm was this week, so a lot of my time was spent studying for that. I got behind on sleep, and on the day that I was supposed to take the midterm, a lot of crazy things happened. First of all, however, the night before I took it, I had stayed out studying with some friends, and I felt really good about the material. There was maybe one thing I didn't understand, and that was a few things from the statistics unit.

The next morning woke up late, having slept through my yoga class, so I rushed off to ballroom dance. Our teacher is a nationally renowned dancer, and he is hilarious, so he made me feel a bit better with his bad jokes and amazing demos.

After dance, I decided I might as well take the midterm, since I had all of the material fresh in my mind and felt really confident and prepared. I had done really well on the practice exam, so I figured it didn't matter if I was tired. I went and took the exam, and even though I had a hard time keeping my eyes open, I felt like everything was going to be fine. On the contrary, I got my test back with a score of 66%. Oh well, I guess everyone has to get a bad test grade once in their life. What's nice about this exam is that I have the option to drop the score I got on it from my grade at the end of the semester.

Even though I was feeling semi-okay by the time my next class rolled around, of course when I got there, we had to take this fake pop quiz that was intentionally unreasonable (we were learning about what makes laws fair and unfair). I failed that quiz, and because I thought it was real, I almost started crying. Luckily, I didn't. In my next class, I was so tired that I fell asleep in the front row, and when I woke up, my binder had fallen to the floor and everyone in the class was staring at me. Apparently they thought I had thrown it to the floor in frustration, so I had to explain to everyone that I had fallen asleep. Oh my goodness.

The next day, after all of that went down, I woke up feeling really sick, and stayed in bed all day. I missed explosion Friday in chemistry (which made me very sad), and I didn't get to light things on fire in the lab. Being sick really stinks when you miss out on being a pyro haha...

On Saturday, Karinne and I did a bunch of laundry and cleaned our dorm. It felt really nice to do
something productive. We went to the BYU store in the afternoon just for fun, and found a bunch of cool stuff. One notable item was this amazing t-shirt that describes my life so well right now that I almost cried haha... The other one was a painting.

I loved this painting. When I think of Jesus Christ, I love to think of everything that He sacrificed for me. Another thing that always makes me in awe of my Savior is the sheer amount of His creations. This painting touched me so much and made me realize that even though I feel super overwhelmed right now, He is in control. He knows what is best for me, and I just need to trust that everything will be okay.

On the way home from the store, we saw a deer. That made me feel better too, like I was at home in the Midwest again. Deer are my favorite animals. It's like Heavenly Father knew I needed to see that so that I could know He was aware of me.

Last night, I went on a date to see BYU Dance in Concert with my friend Sam (the ballroom dance partner I mentioned before). Karinne was going to come, but we had to push it back to Saturday instead of Friday, and she has marching band. It was definitely fun, but I was really tired the whole time and felt super out of it. He was really good about it though. We saw our ballroom dance teacher (Casey) perform in a Latin dance ensemble. It was awesome!


My ballroom dance teacher. This is the picture from the front of the program!

The sweet little yearling that let me take this picture, which is not zoomed in at all. I love deer so much. This was really, really special.

Sam and I before the concert started. Not the best picture... 

My schedule for next week. All the purple is chemistry (the midterm is on Saturday). I'm definitely not taking it early this week. I'm studying as much as I can and making sure I can sleep in and get a good night's rest before I take it, even if the lines to get into the testing center are long.


P.S. I forgot to tell you all about the goblins!!!! The other day, I was washing our Brita water filter out, and I took the cap off. I turned around and THE CAP WAS GONE. To this day, we CANNOT find the lid. It has been almost an entire week and have looked everywhere, and it is STILL. GONE. Also, Karinne has a huge bag of pecans and a huge bag of almonds. Pecans are her favorite, and so she tries to eat way more almonds than pecans. HOWEVER, the pecans are disappearing like they are a volatile substance. Literally, there are about three times as many almonds as pecans!

We have a theory - there are goblins that sneak into our room through a wormhole and steal stuff. 

Love you all!! Talk to you again next Sunday. 

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