Sunday, September 25, 2016

College Lyfe (September 18th - September 24th)

Hey everyone! This week I finally have some pictures of me haha...

On Sunday, I wasn't feeling well, so like the incredibly amazing roommate that she is, Karinne was super sweet and brought me a takeout box from the cafeteria for my dinner. It was so nice of her. :)

I got a B on my chemistry midterm yesterday!!!! I cannot explain how relieved I am that I got a good grade. After getting a D on my bio midterm I was really scared to take another one.

Speaking of biology, this week we've been learning about polymers, specifically proteins and DNA. My professor made us draw it out without giving us any example picture. It was very hard, and I was pretty upset after class. I'm good now though haha...

This week I discovered an awesome new restaurant!! It's called the Skyroom, and it's on the 6th floor of the Wilk (for those of you who have the option of going there). It's a little more expensive than the other places here on campus but it's WORTH IT. Oh my goodness it was so good to eat something besides Chick Fil-A or cafeteria food (or for that matter, vending machine food). I went there with my friends Kylee and Kimberly from my chemistry study group. It was so fun! I got some really yummy asparagus, a spinach salad, halibut with kalamata olives, onions, and capers, some crunchy grapes, and fingerling heirloom potatoes. It was the best food I have had in such a long time! The drink I got was their special drink (I can't remember what it was called), which is made of orange juice, sprite, and grenadine flavor. Pictures from the Skyroom will be at the end of the post since there isn't enough room up here.

On Friday Karinne and I decided to stock up on muffins and get some yummy raspberry lemonade ice cream from the vending machine. Here is a picture of me holding the goods. (We also got some pizza rolls which we microwaved immediately and ate within like 5 minutes.)

The thing that I did the most of this week was study. Study, study, study. And miss three classes because I slept in too late because I was so tired from all of my studying. After taking my chemistry exam on Saturday, I decided to do some laundry. I was really frustrated with the fitted sheet, and Karinne captured the perfect moment of my frustration in this amazing picture of me making my bed!

Honestly, not much else happened this week. Except for the fact that I bought the last two butter beers from the Twilight Zone (a little grocery store in the Wilk). Yes, they have butter beer here.

Love you all, and talk to you next week!

My amazing meal at the Skyroom!

Kylee and I (at the Skyroom). 

Kimberly and I

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