Sunday, October 23, 2016

Midterms were Rough (October 16th - October 22nd)

Let me just say that although this week was better than last week, it was still rough haha...

Last week I wrote about how I felt like I was being jipped out of a fall here. I want to clarify that it is still absolutely beautiful in Provo! It's just a different kind of beautiful than I'm used to. :) This Thursday our hall is going to have a fall photo shoot under this canopy of trees over the sidewalk near our dorm. There are leaves all over the sidewalk and in the air everywhere, it's like something out of a movie! I should have taken a picture of it... Oh well, next week I'll have pictures from the photo shoot!

This week was full of messing around. I was kind of stressed out because I had to study for three midterms, so whenever I wasn't studying Karinne and I (or Emma and I, whoever was available at the moment) would goof off. See picture of Karinne chasing me in her T-rex sweatshirt haha...

On Friday night, Samuel and I reserved a study room in the library and watched the movie Rudy. He told me that since I hadn't seen it I was uncultured, so apparently now I am because I have seen it! (By the way he told me to write about it so here you go Samuel haha...) I really liked it. It had a really powerful message, and I could definitely see parts of myself in Rudy and some of the things he went through. I'm glad I watched it. :)

I had a lot of chemistry this week since I am taking my midterm tomorrow. Honestly, it wasn't stressful at all. Chemistry keeps me sane. It just makes so much sense! I remember at the beginning of the semester during the very first week, something was really bothering me and I couldn't seem to feel better, but I started reading my chemistry textbook and I instantly felt so much relief. I'm such a nerd...(Insert ashamed face here.) 

One thing that I have expressed to my mom and to Karinne is that I really miss fruits and vegetables! I told my mom to stock up the fridge for when I come home because I'm literally only going to eat cucumbers, snap peas, grapefruit and broccoli for three days straight. (Well not really, but I want to.) There are just no fresh vegetables here. The only kind of fresh vegetables we have access to are baby carrots from the mini grocery store by our dorm (and to those who know me well, I HATE carrots), and the vegetables at the salad bar in the cafeteria, which taste like they're a week old. Ew. 

I also think I'm gonna take over the kitchen when I get home. I've spent way too much time on Pinterest looking up fun new recipes to make haha... I also miss making smoothies!! I have a blender here, but no freezer, so I can't really use it. (Insert angry face here!!)

Friday night after the movie (sorry my thoughts are really disconnected right now), Karinne got back from a run with a big box of sushi from a sushi place that is only open from 9-12 at night. DUDE. That sushi was BOMB. I rate it 5 stars!!! We have to get some more this week, I am dyyyyyiiinnnnggg for more!! It wasn't the best sushi that I've ever had, but it's been so long since I had any Asian food that it was heaven. 


Another glamour shot of me and Karinne being goons in the hallway. We are such weirdos. Other roommates have cute little pictures in dresses outside, and we take selfies in our pajamas and dinosaur sweatshirts acting like we're about to be eaten. I love us haha

Emma took this lovely picture of me. I don't know what it was on Friday, but my friends kept taking lots of candid pictures of me that I had no idea about. (There is a heart around my face because Emma is the love of my life and we are soul mates, ask anyone and they will confirm this truth.)

Me waiting for Emma to come out of her room to come to dinner. I was very tired, and the door was very comfortable. 

Me dead on the floor after midterms and class on Friday. College is hard man.

Love you all!! I hope I have some better stories next week haha...

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