Monday, November 14, 2016

Why am I an Adult (November 6th - November 13th)

Yesterday I entered this thing that everyone calls adulthood. So far I don't feel any different and I hope it stays that way!

These last two weeks have been weird, as you can probably tell from my last blog post. I've been sort of out of it and have had a hard time feeling motivated to do much of anything. I'm okay though!

Sorry that this post is out late. Yesterday was crazy. It was kind of fun but not the best birthday I've ever had. I missed being with my mom, I've never had a birthday all to myself before. It's like being without a twin.

This Friday I went on a group date to the BYU Flannel Fest. It was really fun! There was ice skating and broom hockey and free food. I was so fun to play hockey again and ice skate. It was the most fun thing I've done in ages!

I don't really have much to say this week. I'm sorry. :( I'll hopefully have more next week!


This vending machine is a metaphor of my life haha....

This is a urinal in one of the other girl dorms that used to be a guy dorm. They have a hilarious tradition of decorating them each year. I'm not sure how I feel about this...

Emma was upset that I didn't feature her in my blog last week so here is a fabulous picture of the love of my life. 

I still can't believe the mountains are real sometimes!

Emma printed off an essay for me and slipped it under my door at 1:15 in the morning haha... (LOML stands for love of my life.)

Samuel ran into a wall and now this is what he looks like. (By the way Turd is my nickname for Lily on Snapchat.)

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