Sunday, November 6, 2016

BLAHBLAHBLAH (October 30th - November 5th)

This week was a complete blur....I'm not even completely sure what happened.  I hibernated through most of it which was super fun. I think I may switch my major to sleeping cause I've realized I have a lot of potential in that field - A field of pillows and fluffy blankets to be exact. 

Oh...I was visited by my home teachers today.

That was great...David my home teacher taught a lesson about keeping the commandments but his companion JR was not completely on the same page as him....let alone the same book.

I took a test today that told me I have the mental maturity of a 37-year-old.  I feel so proud.  I sometimes dream about what it would be like to be 37. I imagine I have four kids and a hot tub...maybe a hot air ballon too.  But I don't want to dream too big haha...

As you can probably has been kind of a ruff ruff day.  That's what I would say if I was a dog. See picture of Maggie...heeheehee

This Saturday I went to a hockey game with Samuel. We won.

I think I'm addicted to cats and coolers...wait I meant cactus coolers haha I'm tired...

Oh and I got to finally watch the movie Zootopia!!!!  My favorite part was when it ended. 

Pretty solid week if you ask me.


The hockey team

Samuel and I at the hockey game

Me enjoying a Sunday nap on the floor

Our FHE Karaoke activity

P.S. One last story I had a run in with the po-po last night. If you have further questions feel free to contact me. 

Love you guys haha... sorry that I'm so out of it, maybe next week something coherent will flow out of my brain and onto this blog.

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